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Meet #HotSoundGuy
The sound man who set up the podium for Theresa May's speech caused excitement on social media.

Data watchdog 'ratcheting up fines'

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The UK's data watchdog has increased the size of its fines since the introduction of the EU's privacy shake-up, the GDPR, says law firm RPC.

In the year since the GDPR was introduced, the average Information Commissioner's Office fine has increased 14% to £143,000, the firm says.

Richard Breavington, a partner at RPC, says: "The ICO has already begun to ratchet up the value of fines, and it has barely scratched the surface of its powers."

Huawei shipments 'could fall by a quarter this year'

Huawei sign
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China's Huawei, hit by crippling US sanctions, could see shipments decline by as much as a quarter this year, and faces the possibility that its smartphones will disappear from international markets, analysts have said.

Smartphone shipments at Huawei, the world's second-largest smartphone maker by volume, could fall between 4% and 24% in 2019 if the ban stays in place, according to Fubon Research and Strategy Analytics.