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Facebook tweaks 'threaten Instapoets'

Financial Times

Tweaks that Facebook made to Instagram algorithms in 2016 are threatening "Instapoets", the FT writes.

The changes, which Facebook said were introduced to boost content from accounts the user engaged with, have pushed Instagram posts from poets lower down in users' feeds, the article says.

British-Indian writer Nikita Gill tells the FT: "Instagram is making the platform more and more inaccessible for artists and small businesses unless we pay it money to boost our posts."

Instapoets have an appreciable chunk of UK poetry sales - more than 12% of the UK's £12m market - and use Instagram as a free platform to promote their work, the FT adds.

'We lost our minds just for money'

Leaving India for work abroad has left families with huge emotional distress
"We have lost our enjoyment and our minds just for money" says one Indian mother, who is sorely missing her absent husband. He left India years ago for a better income in the Gulf, to support his family - but years of having no partner in pursuit of economic prosperity has huge social costs on those left at home. The BBC's Stephen Ryan reports from Kerala, hearing from many similar families, as well as experts who explain the profound impact on society.

'Britain's reputation is tarnished'

The British Chambers of Commerce isn't mincing its words. It says Theresa May's departure date doesn't change the fact that Britain is "mired in indecision and uncertainty".

"The UK is already paying the price for a political system at war over Brexit.

"Our hard-earned reputation as a great place to do business has been tarnished.

“Any leadership contest must be swift and followed urgently by a clear plan to break the impasse. The clock is still ticking down to 31st October, regardless of who is in Downing Street."